Wedding Invitations – Go For Graphic Design and Good Printing

wedding-invitationSo what if you want wedding invitations that reflect your own style – perhaps you don’t want ribbons, flowers and cupids, curly writing and flourishes? If you’ve googled wedding invitations that’s probably all you’ve come up with so far.

Or perhaps you’ve discovered the raft of alternative wedding invitation ideas that has people  vying for the most original wedding invitation format, sending out elaborate confections of 3D paper sculpture, puzzle cubes or invitations engraved on mirror glass?

How about something simple and graphic instead? There is something refreshing about a simple and elegant wedding invitation with great graphic design.

If you are going for a modern feel to your wedding or just timeless elegance, forget about the latest gimmick in invitation format and concentrate on a design that captures the style and feel of your wedding.  It can still be modern, funky, retro or classic – with design there are no limitations.

Get it printed on good quality card by professional printers who use vegetable based inks and strict environmental standards and you’ll have wedding invitations that tick all the boxes – stylish, elegant, green and functional. Plus they are more likely not to strain the budget than some of the over embellished invitations that we’ve seen recently. Great design, good printing, no frills and furbelows.

And no need to worry about the glass cracking in the post, or the recipient not figuring out the clever puzzle concept and turning up on the wrong day, or the wrong year!