DIY wedding confetti idea

DIY wedding confettiI love this idea for DIY confetti. The idea is to use a heart shape craft punch and recycle all the cut offs and spare paper from your wedding decor into confetti. It looks wonderfully pretty and is a good green recycling idea… check out the article at SAWeddings for more detailed instructions.

However now I think of the practical aspects, I’m slightly daunted at the thought of it. Maybe it will be a little time consuming, unless you can get a whole bunch of heart punches and involve all your bridesmaids in the task.

Just think how long it would take to fill a jar, even a small jar. One evening of constant hole punching? Multiplied by how many guests?

There is also the other green issue to consider – how biodegradable will your finished confetti be. That all depends on what paper and decor elements you convert into hearts, so unless you are already using eco-friendly paper in all your decor you may have a problem with your venue allowing the use of your confetti, which would be enough to bring a bride to tears after all that effort spent producing all those lovely little hearts!

So perhaps it’s back to flower petal confetti for me, though I still love the heart punched confetti label on the re-purposed jar.

What DIY confetti ideas have you got in mind?