Hot Weather Weddings – Essential Precautions

Summer weddings

With temperatures heading towards 40C in Cape Town, spare a thought for all those who planned a summer wedding this week. While beach weddings and sunshine go together, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. It’s hard to keep cool and fresh when just taking a few steps in your beautifully draped wedding dress and veil brings you out in a sweat. And what about your guests, sitting about in blazing sunshine waiting for the bride to arrive, risking sunburn and dehydration.

Planning your summer wedding during the cooler months can make it easy to overlook some simple ways of dealing with excessive heat. Sure you planned to have balmy summer weather, with a gentle cooling breeze, but take some simple precautions, just in case balmy escalates into heatwave.

Make sure the venue for both ceremony and reception has plenty of shade available. If not, hire an open sided marquee, a set of gazebos or even sets of wide beach umbrellas, to create shade wherever it is needed on the day. Building an arbour to shade the bridal couple during the ceremony itself not only looks wonderful in the wedding photos, but also makes sure the bride won’t faint from heat in the build up to her “I do”.

Talk to your venue about providing misters in strategic areas around the outdoor space. It’s amazing how much difference the fine spray of droplets makes to everyone’s sense of well-bring on a hot day. If your venue can’t provide them, talk to an equipment hire company – they are relatively inexpensive and can make a huge difference. If the weather turns out to be mild you don’t have to use them, but having them on stand-by will save the day if it turns out to be a scorcher.

Cold drinks
Having the champagne on ice goes without saying at a wedding, but what about water. Make sure your caterer or bar supplier is instructed to keep generous amount of bottled water on ice. Perhaps have jugs of iced water with slices of lime on hand for guests to help themselves, even before the ceremony while they are waiting for the bride to arrive.

Turn your wedding programs into fans, so that your guests can cool themselves gently in style. But also check with your venue whether they have  big standing fans available – if not book some from an equipment hire company – another way to save the day when it really is hot.

Depending on your venue, think about providing a paddling pool for kids to cool off. Let parents know to bring towels and a change of clothing if there are swimming opportunities for kids.

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Beach Wedding Ideas and Themes

beach weddings

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Beach brides are seriously lucky ladies! There are so many gorgeous beach wedding ideas out there. Go girly with floaty fabrics or take the laid-back approach and get hitched in a pair of bridal flip flops. When it comes to theming, colours and decor, you have a ready-made backdrop. From the tropical palm trees and picture postcard blue skies of Sri Lanka to the dramatic black volcanic sands of the Canary Islands, or South Africa’s picturesque sandy beaches, there are some awesome settings to take advantage of.

Beach wedding ideas don’t necessarily have to involve the more obvious emblems.

Starfish, sand and shells instantly spring to mind but there are more to consider if you want to do something different.

Oysters and pearls are a good place to start. There are many different types of pearl, from Tahitian black to freshwater, golden and white South Sea. The beauty of incorporating pearls into your beach wedding ideas is the ability to fake it and get away with it! Fake pearls look fab and can be used on tables, in favour boxes and of course – round your neck.

Blues, greens, oranges and coral pinks are all traffic-stopping colours that evoke images of the beach, ocean and marine life. Beach wedding ideas don’t necessarily have to feature specific sea-themed decor. A strong colour scheme will do all the talking. I recently saw photos from a lovely beach wedding where the couple simply used blue and white draped fabric to create the look and sensation of rolling ocean waves.

Floating candles, freestanding lanterns and fairy lights can all be used to reflect the ocean. When it comes to budget busting beach wedding ideas, lighting is the way to go. For centrepieces, place mirrors underneath glass bowls and add floating candles. Line the entrance to your evening reception venue with lanterns. Strings of clear fairy lights are my all-time favourite cheap but chic wedding decor tools. They can be draped along ceilings to create the under-the-sea effect and cost next to nothing.

If you’re looking for beach venues in South Africa how about one of these for starters:

a private island with its own sandy beaches near Plettenberg Bay

a spa hotel overlooking the sea in Arniston

a beach hotel with views of Table Mountain

or browse more enticing wedding venues to find the right one for you.