Wedding Hair – Choosing Your Stylist

Bridal hair with veilDeciding on a hair-style and make-up for your wedding is almost as complex a task as choosing your wedding dress. Should you have an elegant up-do, romantic flowing waves or curls, an intricate effect with ribbons or flowers braised into your hair? Your final decision will be based on your dress. Some dresses demand a sleek smooth up-do, while others suit a carefully orchestrated cascade of curls.

You should try out various styles with your hairstylist well before the wedding until you get exactly the look you are after. You may like to book trial appointments with a few different hairstylists to find one whose vision matches yours. Have photos taken after each session to help you decide which look you prefer.

If you have already chosen your hair and make-up stylist it’s a good idea to book her for your engagement photo shoot too, so that you have a chance to get to know her and she can also get a better feel of your natural style. Obviously an engagement shoot won’t require such elaborate styling as your wedding day, usually having a natural feel to it, but it does give an extra opportunity to discuss ideas, colours and styles, and the better you know your stylist the more comfortable you’ll feel with her on the big day.

Look out for hair and make-up stylists offering their services free for a pre-wedding trial or photo shoot – you could get lucky as there are some good offers around at the moment, but before you leap at any special offers, do check out their portfolio first and make sure that you are on the same page when it comes to styling preferences.

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