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trees-wedding-decorWilliam and Kate’s wedding has inspired all of us with the sheer amount of style they managed to create – style not always being what you’d associate with royal weddings – glitz yes, glamour yeah, but style can often be more elusive. For some it is the dress that will be remembered, and the chief bridesmaid’s dress too… but for me the truly memorable element was their commitment to a green ethos with their wedding decor. Seeing Westminster Abbey filled with live trees, rather than hothouse flowers  – the froth of green leaves and soaring branches dwarfed by the vastness of  the cathedral, and knowing that those trees would then be planted out to live on as a lasting memorial to the day, is really special.

If you are thinking of emulating the royal couple by including large trees as part of your wedding decor, go for it. They make a stunning focus either as an impromptu avenue to walk down to the altar or just a few trees grouped as a backdrop. Even just one large tree as a focal point, carefully draped in white fairy lights can make a beautiful and original centerpiece to your wedding decor.

There are a few points to remember if you are planning on adding large trees to your wedding plans.

Plan where and how the trees will be planted out after the wedding. Live trees are only a green option if they will be looked after and planted out properly after the event. Will you be having them planted in the garden of your future home? Your parents’ home? Or donating them to a tree planting project or a local community school? Who will take charge of the transporting and planting out of the trees when you are away on honeymoon?

Choose indigenous trees that will suit the place where they will eventually be planted. There are plenty of pretty indigenous trees to choose from. Ask the tree nursery for advice on which trees suit the conditions of the future planting site.

Think about the logistics of getting the trees into place before the wedding. Very large trees, such as those in Westminster Abbey, will probably need lifting equipment to position them. You may need special permission from your wedding venue to get access for this. If this isn’t possible, select trees of a more moderate size that can be carried in by hand. These can still be big enough to be dramatic and used to great effect. Again get advice from the tree nursery, as to the transport requirements for each size of tree before you order a whole forest!

Choose a local tree nursery that specializes in large trees and arrange transport, delivery and positioning with them.

When planning your tree wedding decor make sure there will be enough time to put it all in place. William and Kate’s trees were positioned in Westminster Abbey three days before the wedding. A wedding venue that has multiple weddings booked on the same day or weddings booked in all weekend may not look too kindly on huge trees being hauled in.

If you have a wedding planner talk over the idea with her and get her to work out the logistics for you, so you can go for the ultimate in green fairytale wedding decor!

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